Brinton's Paint 




We rent large and small airless paint sprayers. Great for applying house paints, stains & sealers quickly! Operating pressures of 3000 psi allows for fast application of coatings. 

Small airless rate is $55.00/day 

Large airless rate is $75.00 / day. 

$20.00 Discount given with purchase of paint.

Pressure Washer rentals:

 2500 psi for $38.00 / day 

3800-4200 psi for $48.00 / day

We also have accessories such as extension wands, rotary tips for paint removal and surface scrubbers for large horizontal areas like driveways and sidewalks.

We rent floor sanders for hardwood floors. Our Clark Drum sander is great for quick removal of old floor coatings. Equipped with a 8" x 19" belt, the drum sander is aggressive and best suited for experienced users. 

The square buff sander is great for DIY and new floor finishers. This sander is great for sanding close to baseboards and in closets or hallways. The oscillating sander is less aggressive in comparison to the drum sander, but still effective for complete removal or light-duty surface sanding for refinishing.

Our concrete surface grinder is the perfect tool for preparing new or old concrete for painting or staining. The 16" model we rent can lightly profile the surface of concrete as well as remove old coatings like epoxies and mastics. Easy to use and capable of removing/surfacing approximately 150-250 square feet per hour. The vaccum attachment makes for a clean and dust-free process.